Gewächshaus Dome

RollingHedgehog 2014: Dome dimensions: Diameter: 7m, Height: 3.5m Before gardening season started we wanted to build some kind of greenhouse on the land. I’ve been interested in temporary-building construction for a while now, so we decided to build a greenhouse in a shape of dome. Besides personal curiosity we have also chosen that kind of a greenhouse because it’s  economical, in terms of money investment needed for the project.

In this case we just needed planks of wood, metal profiles and plastic film. All of these easily accessible materials could later be transformed by the tools we had to hand. Since the very beginning of the project till the end there was my brother, Marko beside me, without whom the project of building a dome would probably still be just a curiosity. The idea itself, plans and advice were all accessed from one source which is:

would like to thank René K. Müller for generously sharing his knowledge and experience

which has resulted in our octahedron dome that stands out there now.

easiest way

i guess it is easier to build a dome like this – with struts that need NOT to be precicesly cut angles.

what is a good idea in anycase is to build a model from paper?

Metal or…

„The first time you put the dome up, it will likely take up quite some time before you get the hang of things. It can be done by 1 person in about 2 hours or so. Relax, go step by step and make sure to understand the shape of the dome, it’s regularity and the bet way, for you, to put it together.“ (src)

as shown here by Paul Robinson.

simply because you do not have to care about the angle the wood is cut.


dome caculation tool

OMG 3D Model calculation tool:

backup mirror:

thanks for providing this free of charge! (small) (medium) (large)

example 4v: Radius 50m = 100m diameter

Strut ‚A‘ length : 12.66
Strut ‚B‘ length : 14.76
Strut ‚C‘ length : 14.72
Strut ‚D‘ length : 15.64
Strut ‚E‘ length : 16.24
Strut ‚F‘ length : 14.93
Diameter : 100.00m
Surface area : 15707.50
Floor area : 7725.00
Circumference : 309.00

example 4v: Radius 100(m) = 200m diameter

Strut ‚A‘ length : 25.31
Strut ‚B‘ length : 29.52
Strut ‚C‘ length : 29.45
Strut ‚D‘ length : 31.28
Strut ‚E‘ length : 32.49
Strut ‚F‘ length : 29.85
Diameter : 200.00
Surface area : 62830.00
Floor area : 30900.00
Circumference : 618.00

urban gardening dome NY

A Do-It-Yourself GeoDome Greenhouse – 91.5 KRCC – Urban Farm in Milwaukee John Sondericker 

took Mr John Sondericker 3 Weeks including weekends.

Build the top section first – then put together the bottom section then assemble.



large domes

12m hoher Dome by

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